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Winter 2019!

The complete story of the Rise and Fall of the Mexican drug cartels byt the author of Convicting Chapo.

What the book covers.

First it was the Colombian drug cartels. From there rose the Mexican drug cartels. Now with El Chapo in an American prison, the Mexican cartels are retreating back to drug gangs.

From marihuana peddlers to drug lords.

The author offers a detailed look at how the Mexican drug cartels came to be.

The Drud Lords

The author details how the Mexican drug cartels evolved from a single family.

Why America fuels the Drug War

The author explains how the American War on Drugs created the Mexican drug cartels.

What is the future?

The book shows the reader how the Mexican drug cartels are done.

From the author of Convicting Chapo

Convicting Chapo gives the reader a ringside chair at the trail that convicted El Chapo in early 2019.

About The Author

Martín Paredes

Martín Paredes saw first-hand the evolution of the Mexican drug cartels in Cd. Juárez and Guadalajara. Martín lived the drug violence in Cd. Juárez in 2008.

In 2019, Martín Paredes published Convicting Chapo, an indepth look into the United States trial that sent El Chapo to prison in early 2019.

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